Allitix Solutions


Workforce Planning for Engineering & Construction

Engineering and construction project leaders are tasked with balancing razor-thin margins, complex requirements and increased labor shortages -- making focused workforce planning solutions more necessary every day.

Allitix’s E&C Workforce Planning app reduces the jumbled mess of spreadsheets, emails and whiteboards traditionally used in construction workforce planning efforts -- so management can collaborate more efficiently to reduce downtime and maintain profitability.

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Connected Planning for Midsize Companies

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) requires a right-sized blend of data, workflow, and reporting to provide strategic value to the business leaders making critical decisions that impact the organization’s financial health.

Allitix’s FP&A app for Midsize Companies delivers a simple, focused solution package that accelerates deployment time for growing companies who depend heavily on rapid ROI. Our solution provides immediate control and efficiency, then scales with your business every step of the way.

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Health System & Physicians Group Planning

Managing revenue, physician productivity and compensation across a health system and physicians group is difficult. This is further compounded by a changing reimbursement system, payor differences by location, and the continuous acquisition of independent physician groups.

Allitix’s Health System and Physicians Group Planning app facilitates a better understanding of the impacts of additional physicians, how to effectively optimize and rationalize locations, as well as a flexibility in managing an ever-changing industry business model.

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