About Allitix

Allitix was founded in 2017 to focus on providing the best experience for all stakeholders: management teams, project teams, and employees. The team has an average of 15 years of consultative experience and over 40 successful projects. With this experience, we are able to drive value in the areas of finance, marketing, human resources, and supply chain. We are all about excellence, innovation, loyalty, support, and most of all, client success.

Our culture built on the pursuit of Joy and Excellence – The place we always wanted to work at, but never quite did – our first mission in founding Allitix is to create a place where people can work with a positive, energetic and talented group and enjoy the ride, where ever that takes us. We all want to work for a company where we are excited about the work we do for our clients, because it brings real value and, even better, we work with a team around us that we respect and enjoy working with. At Allitix, we don’t always know or care if it is Monday or Friday, because we have made the culture our first priority. Below are some tactics/traits of the organization to create that culture.

  1. Trust – If we say we are going to do something, we do it, no excuses, we meet expectations we set with our clients and our teammates always. Trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets.

  2. Transparency – We share a much information with the team and clients as possible, good news and bad and we share financial information at the appropriate levels.

  3. Talent – We pride ourselves on our people and our initial recruiting tool is by reference/invite only. Our people want to work here because they get to work with some of the best and brightest people and we get to work with some of the most interesting clients and solve challenging business problems. We see each individual as a brand which contributes to the overall Allitix brand and we strive to strengthen each individual brands by offering continual training, producing case studies and strong profiles.

  4. Touch – One of the biggest struggles with a consulting organization like this (small and regionally sparse) is getting the team together, in person, enough to build strong working and personal relationships. Allitix is committed to making sure our team members stay connected with regional events, an annual company wide event and frequent touch points in between to make sure our team members never feel isolated or on an island.

  5. Success – reaching for the stars and making it.


Why Partner With Us?

  • Remarkable Customer Service

We treat our clients like royalty, by going all-in on every customer goal. And we don’t just talk the talk.

  • Unparalleled Resources

Our consultants are the best-of-the-best; we choose to grow organically and hire only top-flight employees with the skills to ensure our project deliveries always exceed expectations.

  • Pragmatic Approach

Our blend of functional and technical resources and our delivery methodology allow us to take a pragmatic approach to deliver successful results on our engagements with the optimal amount of overhead and risk.

  • Inventing What’s Next

Innovation is woven deeply into the culture at Allitix. We are relentlessly pushing the boundaries of the status quo in search of better, faster, simpler solutions. Our leadership is continuously investing back into our innovation lab to create exciting new industry and functional apps.

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