Frontier, one of the United States’ largest airlines, was spending too much time and effort trying to get an accurate P&L statement. Initially, the airline hired a different firm to complete their Anaplan implementation. However, the implementation was a failure due to an improper approach -- and thus had to be abandoned.  Without the proper Anaplan implementation, Frontier was forced to do all their data tracking in Excel with multiple spreadsheets. Excel was not built to grow to the size or complexity that Frontier was hoping to achieve.


Grand Rounds, a healthcare company connecting customers to local and remote doctors, was having issues planning for future customer’s needs and did not have the proper planning process to accompany their growth. They did not have the ability to plan at a detailed customer level and assume the customer’s needs. This lack of planning would cause improper staffing. Either the facilities were understaffed causing overwhelmed employees and less satisfied customers, or they were overstaffed, causing wasted employee paid hours. They needed to have the ability to staff off demand and anticipated volumes.    


Beauty Counter, an American skincare and cosmetics company, was having trouble reporting in a timely and accurate manner. They were using spreadsheets in Excel to track their financial reporting, commissions, and HR reporting. If Beauty Counter’s board required a report, it would take 3-5 days to put the full report together. Data was hard to find and was coming from multiple sources. Formulas had to be re-calculated and checked over before completing a report because there were inaccuracies pulling data from Excel. The extended period of time needed to collect and create reports caused reports to be inaccurate, because by the time the report was completed data had already changed. This reporting lag made it nearly impossible to accurately look at information and plan accordingly.  


Penumbra, a global medical device company, was not new to Anaplan. Penubra had a previous implementation of Anaplan that was built by another partner. That implementation was not successful for Penumbra’s needs. After struggling with their current implementation for 3 years, Penumbra was not sure if they would continue to renew their contract with Anaplan. Anaplan reached out to Allitix to salvage this contract.