Connected Planning and Higher Education- Allitix at SACUBO

Allitix was honored to be an exhibitor at the 2019 Annual SACUBO Meeting. We loved interacting with school throughout the southern region that have an interest in connected planning!

Whether public or private, large or small, Higher Education is in flux and faced with undeniable pressures and a changing marketplace.  Today’s institutions must prepare for an increasing number of internal and external pressures.  These entail both economic (pricing sensitivity, increased competition, limited state and federal funding, investment performance) and a changing environment (shifting student profiles, increasing adoption of technology, changing education delivery methods). How can institutions manage and support these needs while still staying true to their mission?

With this shift to this more competitive environment, institutions need a flexible and connected way to plan and budget for the future.  Increased communication, collaboration and transparency across the organization allow institutions to better anticipate and react to an ever changing landscape.  In order to do this, your planning and modeling tools need to be business, finance, enrollment, or student affairs owned.  Anaplan is the first platform to truly be able to successfully deliver on these capabilities and Allitix is the partner with over a decade of Higher Education experience and success to enable this platform for your institution.

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